Monday, October 17, 2011

"Mother, I'm home!"

I have three daughters. As they were growing up, it was possible for my wife, Karina, to be home for them when they got home from school. When they were older, my girls shared with us how meaningful it was to them to have Karina home when they got there. They would share their day with her--teacher frustrations, friend situations, funny things that happened etc. That opportunity helped them put their day into perspective and provided love and support at a key moment. When students are at school, we become their family. At Landmark, this is particularly true as many of our students do not have a supportive family waiting for them when they get home. Each day, perhaps each period, students are looking for that family love and support that you can give them when they walk into your classroom. What an awesome gift to have multiple opportunities each to day to have that kind of impact on the lives of others. Do we take advantage of the opportunities? Do we greet the students with a positive affirmation and a smile? Do they feel welcomed to our classrooms? Do we give them an opportunity to share a little something about themselves that is personal? Are we interested? Are we there when they walk through our doors? The most successful and loved teachers that I have worked with do these things. Let's not create latchkey kids out of our students!

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