Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ranting and Raving In the Faculty Room

At Landmark HS we are attempting to establish a "Flex Time" program that makes available additional support to students who are struggling in their classes.  It didn't go very well today.  It felt chaotic and I wondered as I wandered how much work was really getting done.  Afterwards, I stepped into the faculty room and proclaimed, "Flex Time sucked today!"  I then proceeded to complain about every aspect of the program that I observed.  My ranting opened the door to several other comments, concerns, complaints, condemnations, and counter-points.  It was immediately evident that I wasn't the only one frustrated today.  One nearby teacher pointed out, "You've barely touched the tip of the iceberg."  We had some good passionate exchanges and I took many mental notes of things that I need to return to with more in depth discussion.  We needed some sweet high calorie stress-relief medication before going home to our families so we all had cheesecake.

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