Saturday, October 15, 2011

Service For Goodness Sake

One of the five Vital Behaviors we promote amongst our students is serving others.  Yesterday was full of service opportunities.  Laying sod, digging holes, and moving soil in support of our greenhouse project or picking up litter along the highway outside of town, Landmark students served up a heavy dose of Dragon pride.  It was a good day and I was very proud of our school. 

Sometimes we adults are so impressed when our youth step up and do something for the benefit of others that we feel compelled to recognize the effort with some kind extrinsic reward.  In doing so we rob them of the intrinsic satisfaction that is inherent in selfless service.  We shift the focus from "what they did" to "what they got".  Instead of being the "giver", the student becomes the "receiver".  I believe that our students would be better served if we helped them recognize the goodness that they feel inside when they give of themselves.  We want youth that say, "Sure. I would be happy to help", rather than, "What will you give me for it?".

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