Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lingering In Love

This evening we had our first parent conferences this year at Landmark.  We tried something new for Landmark.  Students have been working on portfolios that they shared with parents and staff.  The portfolios included some items that they felt showed their success for this past term.  Many students included their "Dragon Essay".  This is a piece of writing that our students do that describes their reasons for being at Landmark and how they feel about being a Dragon.  I was touched by many testimonials about how Landmark had helped the students turn their attitudes around and experience more personal success.  I am always amazed by the resilience that so many of our students show by overcoming some horrendous childhood experiences and trying to turn their lives around.

The participation wasn't great.  Some students came with their parents and some came alone.  I noticed an interesting dynamic with all of the students.  After showing their parents or staff members their work, they didn't want to leave.  They waited a moment until a staff member or friend came by and gave them another opportunity to share their successes and get another dose of positive feedback.  They lingered and soaked up as much as they could of the positive atmosphere and love that surrounded them.  Why would they want to leave when they were surrounded by love.  Love is the "Dragon Magic" that the students feel when they come to Landmark.  It is what they are trying to describe in their Dragon Essays.  It is what keeps them coming back after having a bad day.  I am no different then them.  We all want to basque in love.  It is what we crave the most.  I believe that it is at the heart of all we do that is good.

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